Blue Butterfly offers special packages, consulting services and personalized professional assistance, availing itself of specialized figures.

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Style & Image

A professional at the service of image, to enhance style, bring out beauty and consolidate inner security.

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Personal Beauty

Beauty and aesthetics at 360 ° capable of enhancing strengths and camouflaging imperfections with specific programs and treatments.

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Fragrance Designer

Your story is described through a perfume, expertly combined with essences and olfactory notes selected by the best local fragrance designers.

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Graphic Designer

We offer a wide and well-structured creative graphics service that designs and transforms ideas into visual art through images, layout and design.

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Floral Designer

Design and creative realization of decorations, compositions, floral decorations in harmony with the concept of the event.

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Professional Organizer

A valid support for the organization of the small and great challenges of life: physical, mental, personal or work spaces.

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Travel Designer and tourist escort service

The best professionals for planning/accompanying trips and tours, both for the event and for other separate occasions.

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From entertainment to music, from art to multimedia. Whatever your needs, situation or budget, we have the perfect solution.

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Sensory trainer

Sensory awakening through individual or group paths to open awareness and open a focus on the objectives to be achieved.

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Photo and video

What can never be lacking as a testimony of a great event: emotional photos, videos, reportage, strategy, celebrations.

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Design and production for creative and effective set designs.

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Personal Trainer

Remise en forme, health and exercise to regain your physical fitness and mental well-being in view of an event or a lifestyle change

Keep Calm & Relax

Are you getting tired and stressed at the wedding? It’s time to stop and dedicate yourself a regenerating weekend. Rely on us for an ad hoc proposal and exclusive services to rediscover energy and serenity.

“Seal of Love”

Blue Butterfly organizes an unforgettable experience in view of the wedding in Venice: the chance to spend an unforgettable weekend in the most romantic city in the world during which a Venetian goldsmith will create your faiths fulfilling your wishes.


Is it time for the marriage proposal? Surprise your loved one with something special and exciting and leave nothing to chance. Blue Butterfly is available to transform the proposal into a precious and unforgettable moment, be it scenographic or intimate, romantic or adventurous, our team creates your proposal to measure.