silvia zanella


A managerial career of over 17 years covering roles in Communication, PR and Marketing for various prestigious companies in different sectors where I have achieved important strategic objectives and perfected managerial and coordination skills.

She has been able to organize events as an effective tool to achieve corporate objectives. she worked in Italy and abroad (Arab countries, China, Great Britain, Hungary, Belgium) creating and coordinating impressive corporate events and achieving concrete results, on many occasions working and collaborating with luxury brands (including Caffè Florian, Harrods, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Lamborghini) from which she learned a lot and who guided her passion for beauty and attention to detail.

She have gained significant experience in coordinating contemporary art exhibitions working with many well-known international artists.

Stubborn, selfless, empathic, creative, in private life as in work she always act guided by passion and ethics with competence and sensitivity.

She lives in Castelfranco Veneto and Venice, a city that she loves and to which I am deeply connected.

Class 1976 – Degree in Communication Sciences – Public Relations with specialization in Consumption and Advertising – Master in International Marketing for SMEs

In addition to being Founder of Blue Butterfly, she is a Certified Consultant and Temporary Manager of Strategic Marketing and Brand (SZ-Marketing), partner of Ubis Workgroup, a design, communication and marketing agency.

She is associated to Federmanager Treviso-Belluno since 2018.

Maria Grazia Bianchin


A graduate of the M. Fanoli Art Institute of Cittadella, she has always worked in the field of graphics and photography.Reliable, practical, of common sense, scrupulous, very patient and who always carries out his job positively. Determined, organized, but at the same time creative and flexible. A lover of art, travel, music and flowers so as to bring her to complete a training course for floral designer.



Class 1972 – Lives in Venice Thanks to her passion and love in enhancing the beauty of people, his professionalism grows and will not stop growing over time. She has obtained numerous certificates as beautician makeup artist at the Stefano Anselmo Academy in Milan and that of Hair Stylist at Tony Guy in London. Thanks to her incredible skill and creativity, she made her way into the world of entertainment: cinema, theater, television, fashion, wedding, becoming a make-up artist for famous personalities from the national and international entertainment world. The world of wellness is her life scene. She manages a team of professionals composed of people who love their work and who with experience and creativity are able to carry out any request.

Per Blue Butterfly si occupa di bellezza e immagine.

For Blue Butterfly she deals with beauty and image.

Giovanna Zambon


Graduated in Economics at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, she has always shown passion and ability to manage relationships at an international level.

Since 2001 she has worked as a tour leader and assistant for various tour operators and international agencies, for which she has received numerous appreciations also on Trip Advisor. She has worked for important event organizers such as weddings, jet set parties, launching and promotion of new products, cultural and sporting events both at an operational and organizational level.

She has also been able to develop her creativity by establishing herself as a craftswoman, creating sartorial artifacts for famous brands.

For Blue Butterfly she takes care of organizational and operational functions and is also a creative consultant.



Class 1992 – Successfully graduated from the Hotel Institute of Castelfranco Veneto, a lover of food and wine and hospitality, she lived and worked in New Zealand and gained experience in coordinating trade fairs, events and skills related to sales, customer care and to the administration in various business sectors and hotels. Receptionists, front desk and back office assistants are appreciated thanks to their ability to relate to customers and promptness in problem solving. Flexible, dynamic, organized, she likes to take care of herself and others by making her knowledge of nutrition and aesthetics available.

Per Blue Butterfly si occupa della segreteria operativa e coordinamento hostess/steward.

For Blue Butterfly he is in charge of the operational secretariat and coordination of hostess / steward.

Ettore Brolese


Technical Institute Diploma in the “Electronic and Electrotechnical” Technology Sector With excellent skills in the purchasing and logistics sector, contact with suppliers, price negotiation on supplies, accounting, administration and coordination and operational control, he developed good communication and team working skills acquired during work experience in companies in the construction and design sector. Pragmatic, constantly informed about technological evolution, he is a curious person and interested in new discoveries in the technical field. Passionate about sports and music.

Per Blue Butterfly si occupa di logistica, acquisti e rapporti con i fornitori.

For Blue Butterfly he deals with logistics, purchases and relations with suppliers.