Unique, exciting, magical and exclusive. Customized with care and attention. Entrusting the most beautiful event to Blue Butterfly is a wise and advantageous choice: wise because the spouses have the tranquility of being personally followed by an experienced and brilliant team capable of turning dreams into reality, managing every aspect, even the most complex and least enjoyable. Advantageous because, thanks to the competence in negotiations with suppliers and the privileged access to some particular services, it allows the spouses to optimize time and money.

Blue Butterfly is not limited to the planning and organization of the event but interprets the wishes of the spouses and concretizes them, managing all other suppliers the guidelines to follow in the realization of each phase of the ceremony and reception.

The wedding day is a unique day that comes from a perfect mix of creativity, fun and details designed to realize the dreams of the spouses and put the guests at ease.