Make your life a dream, and a dream, a reality.
(Antoine-Marie Roger de Saint-Exupery)

This is what Silvia has done, who, thanks to her determination and stubbornness, after years of experience in different companies, has finally given life to her project by founding Blue Butterfly.

Professional of Marketing and Public Relations, Silvia has behind her a path of over 17 years during which she held managerial roles in this field, becoming an expert in the creation and organization of corporate events for prestigious companies, in Italy and abroad.

To support her as a partner in this adventure, there is Maria Grazia, graphic and floral designer; with its taste and creativity it makes a valuable contribution to the communication and scenographic advice of every event.

Together with Silvia and Maria Grazia a team of enterprising and passionate professionals who, with their skills, complete the needs of professionalism in the various areas of this project.

Different and complementary figures that together create a positive and proactive synergy to achieve great goals. The fundamental values ​​on which our work is based are represented by a rigorous ethics, professionalism and the desire to seek beauty and refinement in everything. For customer satisfaction, which is the fulcrum on which all our work rotates.


Why Blue Butterfly?
A name that reflects the precise desire for expression in telling what we are.
The butterfly is a symbol of elegance, beauty, dynamism and rebirth.
Blue is the color of calm, balance and order.
This name contains everything that represents us as a person and as a professional.

But what do these blue butterflies do? They make dreams come true, of course !!!
Unique and unrepeatable events, perfectly studied and organized.
Fabulous weddings, tailored to the wishes of the spouses who will find passion, reliability and taste here.
Each event brings an exciting experience that must be lived to the full.
Rely on blue butterflies and make your most beautiful dreams come true.